Reposting The Chuppah And A Mariachi Band, A Perfect Marriage – In Honor Of Our #37th Wedding Anniversary!

I wore a simple imagewhite dress made in Mexico that I bought while living in Jerusalem.  My father walked me down the aisle on the stony path of a lovely hotel garden.  Awaiting me at  the flower covered chuppah, was my beloved Isaac. We tightly held hands and listened intently as The Rabbi explained the meaning of the journey we were embarking on.

After Iche (Isaac’s Yiddish/Mexican nickname, pronounced ee-cheh) broke the glass, after our first kiss as husband and wife, and after the spontaneous  cheers of Mazel Tov,  as the sun set before us, we walked hand in hand to an upper garden, where the margaritas flowed freely, a mariachi band sounded its trumpets and then played our favorite romantic Mexican songs,

Inside the reception ballroom a different band played and we danced the hora for what seemed like hours, then as we got lifted up on chairs, amid smiles, tears, dancing and laughter as if in slow motion, acknowledging the wonder of it all, I gave thanks for my wonderful rich heritage.

This was my Mexican/Jewish wedding.

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  1. I’m so excited to have found your blog. This sounds a lot like my wedding, we had a chuppah, mariachis, and margaritas too! We just got back from a trip to Mexico City (where my husband is from) where we ate a lot of the delicious things you talk about. I posted all about it on my blog here: The Mexico posts are all from late July and early August. Can’t wait for your book!

  2. This reminds me of my wedding last November. I’m so excited to try your recipes. I have for the past six year been trying to make my mothers recipes , into Kosher dishes that are as yummy as her nonkosher versions. I’m excited to see how you have adapted many of these same recipes.

    Buena suerte y felicidades!!

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