Chapultepec Park and Schnitzel Tortas

Iche enjoying his tortaAs a child in Mexico City, Chapultepec Park, with its zoo and bike paths, was a magical place. Going to Chapultepec meant fun, and it meant the  yummy food, that the street vendors sold from their little carts. Perfectly gorlden chicken Schnitzel I loved the tortas de milanesa. They were Schnitzel sandwiches on special wide puffy rolls called teleras. They were made with  a breaded chicken cutlet, a little mayo, re-fried beans, sliced onion, avocado, tomato, and spicy salsa or jalapeño peppers.

A couple of days ago I got a craving for that Schnitzel Torta from my childhood so I went to a panadería, a Mexican style bakery here in L.A. to buy a few of  those wide puffy rolls called a teleras.

Every time I walk into a  panadería, the  scent of the freshly baking bread and pastries is exactly the same as that of the bakeries in Mexico.  The scent transports me to the times in Mexico, when as a little girl, every evening, my nanny and I would walk up two hilly streets from our house, to get to Avenida De Las Palmas.  We would cross the wide grassy divider to go buy a dozen of the freshly baked teleras or bolillos, at the panadería in our neighborhood of Barrilaco.  We would take the warm rolls home and have them with our supper.  If I was really hungry I would ask for a torta. My favorite was torta de milanesa.

So at the panadería I went to the other day, I  made sure that the rolls contained no dairy nor animal products, and I bought four  telera rolls.  Then, I went to the kosher butcher where I asked for four pounded chicken steaks so I could make my special schnitzel sandwiches.

Building the torta

Schnitzel Tortas for Four

4 Telera

4 pounded chicken cutlets

2 eggs blended in blender with one small garlic clove and a small piece of onion

1-1/2 Cups of Bread crumbs with salt and pepper added to taste

Pour the egg batter over the chicken cutlets and cover them thoroughly with the batter

Dip each egg battered cutlet into bread crumbs until they are thoroughly coated on both sides

Heat three tablespoons of canola oil in a large skillet on a medium/high flame

Place the cutlets in two batches for about four minutes on each side or until they are a rich golden color

Customize the following optional ingredients to your liking and start building your torta on your lightly toasted telera:

Mayonnaise, re-fried beans, golden fried schnitzel cutlet, sliced tomato, sliced onion shredded lettuce, spicy salsa verde or jalapeño


Slice in half and Enjoy!

5 responses

  1. OMG the bakeries, the smell its amazing just reading about it took me back! Thank you for the beautiful memory ….
    Les deseo lo mejor.

  2. i love this!!! i just found your blog from the jew and the carrot… nice to see another schnitzel and torta fan (and nice to see a combination of the two!!)

    -molly (chinese jewish 🙂

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