This Thanksgiving I Pay Tribute To My Father And The Music He Taught Me To Love.

I started filming my dad in February of this year.  I am so grateful to have garnered  hour upon hour of conversation.  One month after I began filming my dad, just before his 96th birthday, he suffered a stroke, which left him without the ability to speak. I have edited the footage for this particular project, and have made this 14 minute movie to honor, thank and  pay tribute to the music my father so loves… the music he ingrained in me.

I hope you enjoy watching!

Dad this Thanksgiving 2014, I want to thank you for all that you have given me, but most of all I thank you for the music…it defines me.

Since I can remember, early in the morning the music notes stealthily floated away from your living room record player winding their way upstairs. Continuing their path down the hallway, they adeptly made their way beneath  the narrow opening at the bottom of my bedroom door.  Then with passion and gentle ferocity they wiggled their way into my heart and took hold.   In that heart lies the music that framed your life, my dad.  There, down deep, Gershwin, Ella and Sinatra, Durante and Martin,   Mathis, Bennett,  Andy Williams and Eydie Gorme, Agustin Lara, Los Panchos, Edith Piaf and Doris Day, The Three Tenors, Vladimir Horowitz , Oistrakh,  Dvorak and on and on… safely reside to this day.

Now, at 96, though your speech is diminished,  your eyes  speak the words you can no longer utter.  The music still connects us in that elemental way it always did.  In those blue-green eyes lies the man you’ve always been.  Dad this year on this Thanksgiving I want to express that I am so grateful for all that you’ve given me, but especially for the music that has so enriched my life, and for every instant we still spend together.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 to all!



24 responses

  1. Susan… Your love for your Dad is clearing overflowing and to witness it is a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing this. It somehow brings me closer to my Dad z’l” .
    I wish you and your entire beautiful family and joyous Thanksgiving.
    xxx Debbie Cohen

  2. Susan
    Karen emmer here. Since you told me about your blog, I have read and enjoy all that you have to share. Your video and words about your dad bring me to tears (happy tears)
    I shared a wondeful relationship with my father, and lost him way too long ago. You are so lucky! Thanks for sharing. It is truly wondeful! Karen
    Ps. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season

  3. Yossi and I sat and watched your heartfelt video with tears in our eyes from beginning to end. Beautiful! What a privilege to have you all in our lives.

  4. Heard about you from our cousin Rosanne. Fascinating stories about your heritage and food and family. We want to point out to you our own blog – It is also a blog about food and our heritage.

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